Terms and Conditions


In order to become an active member of our community you would need to first register. As part of the registration process, we will ask you your email address so we can send you the online research and your postal address to ensure you receive your premium. We guarantee absolute data confidentiality and no circulation of personal information. Of course being a community member will cost you nothing and will not be related with any fees!

Confirmation of participation

After having registered, you will receive a confirmation via email. Please reconfirm shortly. Please check that this confirmation email will not land in your personal spam folder. When being an active member you will be invited to surveys and discussions via email.

We ask for confidentiality

Your valuable feedback helps to improve products. We will present to you ideas and developments of new products that are only for your eyes. To assure that this will stay inside this community we ask you to keep this secret and therefore to accept a confidentiality agreement (CDA). We only ask you to accept this CDA by clicking on a button.

The first step: Community Entry Survey

With the first survey we would like to get to know you a little bit better…! The Community Entry Survey will help us to understand who you are and enable us to direct online surveys to you or even invite you to take part in a product test based on your profile.   You are asked to fill out the questionnaire for further participation and invitations. This is where it begins!

Research invitations

If you have been selected for a survey we will send an invitation to you. The email contains the respective topic and the number of Bonus Points credited to you

A win-win

When participating to research, you share your expertise, experience and answers with us. In return we value your engagement with points. You will be able to exchange your points into purchase vouchers or participate to our lotteries and thereby have the chance to win a purchase voucher from £10 to £70!

The world of Curiosity' reserves the right to update or to modify these terms and conditions at any time