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Rewards you could earn!

Here at The World of Curiosity, there are 4 ways we express our appreciation.

1.    Our incentive program
Every time you participate in an e-survey or in-home product testing you get bonus points. The amount of the granted bonus points changes per survey depending on its length and the effort required to fill it in. You will always see how many bonus points you will be granted before you start filling in an e-survey.

There are two ways to get rewarded: safe way – which is exchanging points you earn for vouchers, or the lottery way – participation in our monthly draws.
Safe way
• When you earn 500 points you can redeem these points against a £10 Love2Shop voucher. If you have 1000 points you can order 2 vouchers, 1500 points  - 3 vouchers, etc. You can redeem your bonus points at any time.
The lottery way
• Every month we organize a lottery. Each time you have the chance to win a Love2Shop or Boots voucher of higher value comparing to those on offer in safe way.
• The total prize basket per month is worth £150
• Every month there are 4 winners.
1st prize – £70 pounds voucher
2rd prize – £50 pounds voucher
3rd prize – £20 pounds voucher
4th prize – £10 pounds voucher
If you would like to participate in the lottery, you need to exchange your bonus points for lottery tickets.
• The value of one ticket is 75 points
• You can buy as many lottery tickets as you wish, there is no limit on the quantity of tickets except for the amount of the bonus points on a participant’s account.
• After each draw, the lucky contestants are announced on The World of Curiosity Reward page and the winners also receive an email informing them about the sum won.
• Lucky winners receive their prize within 4-6 weeks after the lottery has taken place.

Good to know:
When you buy a lottery ticket this automatically makes you a participant of the upcoming lottery. You cannot save your tickets for the future. So if you do not  want to participate in the lottery this particular month, simply wait until you think it’s the right time for you to win a prize. If you want to buy more lottery tickets (thus increasing your chances to win), wait until you think you have the sufficient amount of the bonus points on your account to secure your win in the lottery.

• Both, the lottery and the safe options can be combined. Choosing one way does not exclude you from participation in the other.

2.    In-home product placement/testing
You can be invited to participate in an in-home product test. You will receive products and samples and you will get a chance to express your opinion on how they perform. Not only will you receive free samples of new products but you will also get bonus points for your effort. 

3.    Monthly newsletter
To keep in touch and stay connected we will send you our monthly newsletter in which we will inform you about upcoming surveys and events.

4.    Personal social corner
Together with other members you will have a space of your own, a corner where you and your community friends will have the freedom to discuss anything you like.