Privacy policy

This panel and community is created and managed by Toluna.

We are an international market research institute and committed to delivering the best B2B and consumer market research.

The Research Community "The World of Curiosity" privacy requirements and practices are consistent with the ESOMAR research code of conduct, The European Union Data Protection Directive through the U.S. Department of Commerce Safe Harbor Program, Fair information practices established by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum (APEC) Privacy Framework, applicable national and state data protection laws and the American and Canadian Institutes of Certified Public Accountants Generally Accepted Privacy Principles.

Our objective of this panel is to protect, collect, and use personal information provided to us. This implies that:

  • We use personal information only for purposes consistent with the reason it was provided.
  • We do not share personal information with other marketers except with other researchers.

Collection of data:Collection of personal information is limited to the minimum amount of information necessary to meet the needs of the program; we do not collect information that is not needed.

Collection of personal information is limited to what is planned for use within a reasonable time period. We do not collect information if there is no plan in place to use the information. Personal information is to be used only for the purpose that was specified at the time of collection.Information that is collected is not shared with other marketers or agents, only with researchers involved in the program. Information is collected via the profile registration and surveys. Information is used anonymously to understand market developments. We share this information only with the market research department of our customer. Information is collected on our servers in The United States Of America

Invitations to surveys will be sent out either by the Community Moderator or our customer.

In case you have questions on our privacy statements please contact:

In registering to become a member of the panel, you allow us to contact you via email and to send you invitations for online surveys.

For privacy reasons we will not accept people younger than 18 years to this community as we do not store data of people younger than 18 years.

To be an active panel member we need you to sign a confidential disclosure agreement. This is necessary to secure that interesting ideas presented in surveys is not used or transmitted to non authorized persons.

We fully respect it if you decide to leave the panel at any time. To leave the panel, please go to "Quit membership". Once you quit membership all your data will be deleted.By submitting your data in this panel You give your consent to Toluna as data controller to collect and process your personal data for the purpose as you provided Your consent above, for an unlimited period of time or until You opt out. The data controller shall handle your personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Furthermore you agree and accept that the data controller may transfer your personal data to other companies directly related to and engaged into Research community ‘The World of Curiosity'. You agree that your personal data may be stored and processed by the data controller's entrusted data processors within or outside of your country. Supplying of the data is voluntary. The data controller shall not disclose or convey your personal data to third parties, except its data processors.